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      A Conference for Changes of Mid-level Leaders

      Posted on Jul. 4, 2020

      On Jul. 3, 2020, a conference was held for the changes of all the mid-level leaders of Bohai University (BU). All the mid-level leaders, old or new, attended the conference, at which LIU Yang, secretary of BU's CPC Committee, made a speech to comment on the changes, and ZHAO Hui, president of BU, presented the certificates to all the newly appointed leaders. There are altogether 168 mid-level leaders who are to play their leading role in their respective colleges and sections of BU.

      Posted on Jul. 4, 2020 by Section for BU's CPC Publicity

      At the conference for the changes of BU's mid-level leaders

      LIU Yang, secretary of BU's CPC Committee, makes a speech to comment on the changes.


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